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Zonzon helps you make meaningful connections within your community

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Connect with your neighbors and engage in real life.

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Link up with neighbors in different floors or buildings.

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Have questions about real estate or mortgage rates? Your sponsored agent is just a click away.

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Find a fitness expert, pet lover or a lead to your new job right within your community.

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Living in a condo/HOA just got better with Zonzon.

As members of a condo or an HOA, you are both business partners and neighbors. Zonzon provides members an open democratic platform to communicate on both the business and social aspect of association living. Talk about the recent board meeting, get the kids together for play dates, help a neighbor in need, organize a BBQ, or meet up with other fitness minded people for some soccer fun in the sun.

Redefine Apartment Living

Living in an apartment should be about meeting like-minded people, providing helpful advice to new renters, getting together for drinks, coordinating a movie night or meeting up at the beach to watch the sunset.

We help you build meaningful connections with people in your local community.

We are Connectors


o local, get global

Meet your local neighbors or engage with people in other communities. No matter where they are, find the person who gets you.


our tribe, your vibe

Discover fellow gamers, athletes, TV & movie fans, workout buddies, pet lovers, and people who know your type of music and get the real you.


et real, done deal

Community members now have a platform to collaborate and resolve issues. When the HOA Board of Directors or management are on the same app with residents, they can solve community concerns openly and transparently.


elping hand, on-demand

You have questions about your home value, recent sales in your community/area and mortgage rates. Reach out to your sponsored agent who is ready, willing and able to help.

Vendors Offering Services

Zonzonians have access to professionals who provide services that fit their needs.

Vendor List

Zonzon helps connect you to professionals who offer products and services for your community.

Vendor Discounts

Zonzon provides deals from local vendors.

Don't Take our Word for it.

Robbie P.

Zonzon is a good place to find out how your neighbors are doing. Do they need help?  If they are elderly or have health problems they can ask a neighbor for assistance. It was a great help for me and my neighbor checks on me often. I really appreciate it.

Simone T.
Board Member

Zonzon has helped engage our immediate neighbors in a useful tool outside of email/text messages/website platforms, which has been great during the pandemic.  Neighbors communicate about health needs, celebrations, and have even posted photos to share. The Board uses the app for HOA communications about meetings, assessment reminders, work being done, etc.

Kastriot K.

Homeowners feel so disconnected. Zonzon helps members connect and share information quickly.

Hedwig B.
Board Member

Emails are so ineffective for communication. With Zonzon, as a board member I can quickly share about the upcoming tree trimming or about a water shut off.

Michael S.

This seems like a great idea.  … much needed in our community.  Appreciate what you are doing.  I’ll help you promote this

Veronika K.
Board Member

With Zonzon, as a board member I can quickly share about upcoming events and Board meetings.

Fabian W.

Moved to a new city:
This just made so much sense to have for our building. As new renters in this apartment, it helped us connect with a few neighbors right away and a couple that had also moved in recently from our home town.

Jennifer T.

I moved into my apartment with fluffy my dog. It was great to see a dog lovers group already existed in my building and I was able to coordinate doggie walks with my neighbors. We now watch each other’s dogs when we are traveling.

Moseph A.

With everyone locked in during Covid, it was great to socialize within the app and schedule meetups at the pool for drinks.

Sam P.

I had a question about when the gym in our building closes and a neighbor helped answer my question. Now we work out together!

Karley W.

We just moved into the area and having people share about where they go to eat, shop and hangout really helped us get settled in.

Kevin C.

I love crypto, gardening and working out. Surprisingly I found a bunch of neighbors had similar interests. We are constantly discussing various cryptos currencies, gardening tips and best workout routines. I feel like I am part of a real community

Board Members & Management.

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