Zonzon is an internal communication and connection platform designed to empower homeowners/residents in hyper-local HOA and Condo communities. At Zonzon we believe it is critical for residents in HOAs/Condos to have the ability to communicate with each other directly, openly and transparently.

A new kind of HOA app

We understand that everyone is frustrated with outdated and ineffective communication methods. There is no accountability and residents are left feeling disconnected and powerless. Zonzon makes your HOA experience better!

The difference

Power to the people

Connect with your community.

Open up topics and join discussions within your own HOA community and tag other community members to start helpful conversations.

Engage within your Community

Zonzon is designed specifically for truly local communities like an HOA. Members in an HOA are in business together and share financial responsibility for their community. It is critical for members to be engaged in their community.

Resolve issues in your community

There are multiple ongoing issues when you live in a community. Zonzon brings your community together on a common platform to discuss and resolve issues collaboratively in a way that is pleasant, constructive and delightful.


The only platform you'll ever need to revolutionize your HOA experience.

Build trust, engage with members and collaborate with your community on a platform designed for private communities. As HOA members, you are in business with your neighbors, so make sure you know what's going on in your community and you get the most out of it. Let's give back power to the people in HOAs!

Truly Local

Private HOA feeds are available only to residents in your HOA, making everything relevant to you.

Better Management

We bring residents closer to the HOA process, fostering a democratic environment for solving community issues.

Build Community

Zonzon is built to be inclusive, tearing down the walls between you and your neighbors.

Get Transparency

We help solve one of the biggest problems in HOAs - transparent communication among all stakeholders.

Find Documents

We make it easy to find, access and manage all of your HOA documents in one place.

Open Communication

Rally your community around common causes to produce positive and effective solutions.

Take the first step to elevate
your HOA experience now.

Download Zonzon. Upload hope. A new path forward. Better communication. A stronger community. Easy access to all HOA information. Transparency for your board. And access to news, events, experts, gardeners, golfers, legal minds, pet lovers and all kinds of other extremely relevant, timely HOA things.
Try Zonzon now, for free.


I love my HOA. Said no one ever.
No worries, Zonzon is here.

"Some boards treat the community like their personal fiefdoms."
Adrian Park
Portland, OR
"Took me 3 days to find an approved plumber!"
Blake Padilla
Alburquerque, NM
to see review
"Getting documents felt like pulling teeth."
Calvin Sparks
Austin, TX
"Homeowners feel powerless“
Anastasia Volkova
Chicago. IL
“I want more transparency from the board and my HOA association”
Emily Lawson
New York City, NY
“There is no harmony in our HOA community."
Joshua Marshall
Miami Beach, FL
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need additional assistance, please contact Zonzon

How do I get my HOA/Community to use your app?

Download the Zonzon app and create an account through our onboarding process. If you are the first person to use Zonzon in your HOA you will be briefly added to a waitlist. Please expect a wait time 1-2 business days for your private community to be set up in Zonzon.

For community members: The app is free
for community members to use. To help your neighbors discover Zonzon and build your community in the app use the Share button. See our tutorial video for more information.

For Board/Management:
Contact info@zonzon.com to activate your community on Zonzon and gain access to additional HOA features and benefits to your community.

I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Reset your password by interacting with the “Forgot Password” button on the Log In screen and following the instructions.

I can’t log in to Zonzon

1. See “Forgot Password section of FAQ
2. If you have not created an account you will need to go through the Sign Up process to log in for the first time. 
3. Make sure you input your credentials correctly
4. Check your display settings on your phone- larger display settings may cause screen overflow,
hiding the log in/ continue buttons.
5. Contact support@zonzon.com for more help

How much does Zonzon cost?

Unlock the full benefits of Zonzon for your community starting at $25/month. Email sales@zonzon.com for more information.

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