A Certain Big Tech Company Thinks They Own You & Your HOA.


They don’t care.

They don’t care about your HOA. Your members. Your community.

They do care.

They do care about owning your HOA data, your member’s data and all the data surrounding your community.

As a group, you’re worthless to them. As far as your thoughts, opinions and morals go.As a group, you’re worth plenty to them. As far as being able to farm and profit off all the information you willingly, and sometimes unwillingly, give them.

They trade in YOU. It’s time to trade them in.

Zonzon is your next move. Your positive path forward. It is your HOA’s opportunity to OWN YOUR DATA. That’s right, this platform will TRULY belong to your community. Meaning everything you give and share will not be sold to the highest bidder, or simply anyone with a few bucks.

You deserve to be free to conduct your business, communicate and house your documents with the peace of mind that comes with owning all your data. It’s an idea that , at its Face, is pretty simple, but then some companies came and wrote a new Book that somehow made it acceptable to take your data from you and do whatever benefited them with it.

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