SF Bay Area Startup Donates Tech Platform to all Florida Condo HOAs and Boards


Open communication and information are key to helping prevent future disasters.

Champlain Towers East residents are the latest to turn to Zonzon in Miami.

MIAMI, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Samuel Pilli, founder and CEO of Zonzon, connected with local officials of Surfside, Sunny Isles, Miami, North Miami, and Boca Raton to offer the Zonzon platform free for all Florida Condo associations. Zonzon provides a solution and a path forward for Condo/HOA associations to improve, evolve, become transparent, build more trust and bring people together.


Information, now more than ever, is critical to helping condo boards and members come together to make crucial decisions about repairs and expenditures that determine the strength and future of their building's safety. Discussions and information about these decisions must be open and transparent. Information empowers people to make good decisions and Zonzon empowers members to make those decisions. Transparency, Safety, Accountability - Now more than ever Condo/HOA communities need to harness the power of this platform.

About Zonzon

Zonzon, a Silicon Valley startup, has spent the last two years rethinking how technology can be used by HOA/Condo members to connect, communicate and collaborate on all issues of association living from social and governance to finances and safety. We believe the right solution is to give Power to the People.

Zonzon (www.zonzon.com) is a transparent internal communication, connection and document storage platform designed to empower homeowners/residents in Condo/HOA communities. As a specialized Condo/HOA app, Zonzon is powered by residents.

Zonzon gives every HOA/condo member a voice through an internal communication platform, fully under their own control, which helps create open and transparent communication, can quickly mobilize support, and provides easy access to all community documents. Zonzon believes it is critical for residents in HOAs/Condos to have the ability to communicate with each other directly without it being filtered or censored.

CEO Samuel Pilli will be available for a short time (starting at 5pm) to greet and speak about Zonzon at Zonzon's South Florida Launch Event in the Haulover Park "Food Truck Fest" Tuesday night, August 10th in Haulover Beach, FL, where Zonzon will be providing $10 Food Vouchers and Prizes!

* Community timeline & unlimited document storage (Unlimited documents offer applies to a community's governing documents & past 2 years minutes/financials/newsletters/inspection reports and all documents moving forward).

www.zonzon.com 210 S. Ellsworth Avenue #635, San Mateo, CA 94401
sam@zonzon.com (650) 278.0333

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