The World Has Become Small


We lived in a large and expanding world prior to the current COVID-19 health crisis. We were connected on social media to hundreds and thousands of people worldwide and we barely knew them. This health crisis has suddenly made our world very small.

Our world is now hyper-local. It has readjusted back to the people in our homes, our immediate neighbors on our block or in our building and the places nearest us. Hopefully, this crisis will leave a lifelong impact on the importance of a supportive and connected community.

‍Imagine the story of someone who performed the simple act of kindness by shopping for an elderly or disabled person in a community going viral and the shopper becoming a hero. Imagine stories of communities sharing resources to help each other get through this time and having more followers and being shared more often than tweets about politics. Imagine the long-lasting impact and power of a platform built on connecting, supporting and collaborating within hyper-local communities!

‍At Zonzon, we are building the next evolution in social networks – a hyper-local Community Network Platform. It's designed for hyper-local communities such as a Homeowner Association (HOA), an apartment complex or people living in a multi-story building. In a Community Network, the STARS are those who connect with someone who is shut-in; the most POPULAR people are those who help support their neighbors and the people who have the most FOLLOWERS are neighbors who collaborate to improve their community.

‍Imagine Zonzon...a positive way to network - hyper-locally!

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